The NEVERknead Parts Kit

The NEVERknead Parts Kit - convert your arbor press into a NEVERknead

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Already have an arbor press? No problem!
Order the necessary parts to turn your half ton arbor press
into a NEVERknead polymer clay pressing machine!

This Kit Includes:

  • Stomper
  • Base Plate
  • strips of industrial-grade double stick tape (to affix the Base Plate)
  • bolt set (to secure to table)
  • one NEVERknead sticker
  • easy instructions

You provide:

  • a 1/2 ton arbor press
  • glue for the Stomper (such as Gorilla 2-part Epoxy or similar)
  • rubbing alcohol and soft cloth or paper towel to clean certain areas of your press
  • (optional but recommended) drill with 3/8" drill bit (.375) to bolt NEVERknead to your work table

NOTE: These parts are smooth acrylic for a reason - our extensive testing proved that polymer clay gets trapped in microscopic grooves in metal plates (such as "brushed" metals) and can color-contaminate your polyclay.


Looking for Bolts only? Go here -- or add them at Checkout
(the Parts Kit above INCLUDES bolts)


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Make Art. Not Pain.
Stop kneading. Start CREATING!

Which color will you choose?
The NEVERknead Polymer Clay Kneading Machine is available in many beautiful colors!