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Inventor of NEVERknead

Hello Polymer Clay Enthusiast! My name is Debbie and I invented the NEVERknead. Yes, the NEVERknead is woman-invented and woman-owned (me! i.e. -- I'm not a huge corporation). I'm an artist who makes hanging art mobiles that I call Atomic Mobiles, many of which are made from polymer clay. I struggled for years kneading clay by hand, and developed a very painful condition in my left shoulder and neck, plus an ugly whoppin' callous on my hand.

For years I searched for a better way to knead clay, to no avail. I Google searched every few months and I couldn't believe there was never anything new out there. Then I started experimenting with some ideas and in March of 2014 came up with a prototype of the current NEVERknead. I've been perfecting it ever since then and I'm thrilled to present it to you now.

It is my sincere hope to make your life as a polymer artist better and help you create your art faster and without the potential pain or discomfort from hand-kneading. I know NEVERknead works. I use it 100% for my own polyclay art. I never hand-knead. Ever.

-- Debra Ann
inventor/owner NEVERknead™
Trademarked and patent pending

  • I'm self taught in everything creative that I do
  • I'm always coming up with new ideas for inventions but reject most of them because I don't have the time (NEVERknead was irresistible, had to do it)
  • I make polymer clay art in the form of hanging mobiles that I call "Atomic Mobiles"
  • Proficient at html/css website coding (from scratch) - I taught myself back in 1994 and I'm still learning new stuff
  • I designed and coded everything on this website (and my mobiles site)
  • Thoroughly knowledgeable in pre-press (print)
  • Love doing graphic design in Photoshop Debra Ann's Succulent Garden
  • Got my first Macintosh computer in 1994 and I love Macs
  • I drive a Prius
  • I'm originally from Northern Indiana
  • Moved to Northern California in 1990 and lived in San Francisco & the Bay Area for 16 years
  • Currently live in Los Angeles - have since 2009
  • I enjoy reading Wired magazine
  • I'm a SF Giants fan (announcer Jon Miller is awesome)
  • I LOVE color - my home is a color extravaganza
  • My succulent garden is amazing - love them! See the picture here above ↑.
  • Instead of a backyard lawn I have a clover field (that I grew from seed)
  • I make a smoothie almost every morning with a variety of almond milk, beets, blueberries, strawberries, flax seed, protein powder, super greens, organic kale, ice, bananas... yum.
  • I love chocolate - it cures everything (well, almost)

Make Art. Not Pain.
Stop kneading. Start CREATING!

Available in 14 beautiful colors!

NEVERknead Purple NEVERknead Lime NEVERknead Turquoise NEVERknead Orange NEVERknead Pink NEVERknead White NEVERknead Black NEVERknead Gray
NEVERknead Lilac NEVERknead Yellow NEVERknead Red NEVERknead Blue NEVERknead Hot Pink NEVERknead Penny
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