NEVERknead Polymer Clay Conditioning Kneading Machine Parts Kit for all brands of polymer clay such as Sculpey, Premo, Kato, and more by
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The NEVERknead assembled with an arbor press - Parts Kit for Polymer Clay Kneading Conditioner machine by
NEVERknead Parts Kit turns your arbor press into a polymer clay POWERHOUSE - by
NEVERknead Parts Kit works with all brands of polymer clay including Sculpey, Premo, Fimo, Cernit, Pardo, and more! by
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The NEVERknead Parts Kit | Convert Your Arbor Press

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The little kit that puts big power in your hands

The new 3rd generation NEVERknead is now a Parts Kit you easily assemble and get to the business of kneading and conditioning polymer clay fast! Good News: it's more economical than previous generations and features all the power.

The kit creates a polymer clay kneading tool that works for all clay! STOP kneading polymer clay and NEVERknead instead. Save time, save your hands. The NEVERknead is the first and only tool that will dramatically improve the way you work with polymer clay. Choose from many different fun Base Plate colors to match your studio!


  • requires very little physical exertion with 1/2 ton of pressure
  • takes up very little space in your studio
  • kneads small and large blocks of polymer clay
  • easy quick clean up between colors
  • simple and easy to use
  • FASTER clay conditioning - faster than manual knead or pasta machine
  • Great for TEXTURE stamping
  • kneads all brands of clay including SCULPEY, FIMO, CERNIT, PARDO, KATO, and more
  • can also be used for ceramic clay (pottery) WEDGING!
  • Bolt Set included to bolt it down for better stability
  • easy assembly
  • woman-owned, invented, and made (I designed/coded this site too)
  • Base Plate available in lots of pretty colors to match your studio
  • conditions clay smooth and ready for your creations
  • best of all: you literally NEVER KNEAD

The NEVERknead Proprietary Parts Kit Includes:

  • white Stomper
  • 1/4" thick acrylic Base Plate - choose your fun color!
  • yellow clamp
  • bolt set
  • 2 part epoxy with wood mixing stick
  • 2x alcohol pads
  • 3M adhesive strips
  • sticker label
  • hot pink padded bag
Say goodbye to painful hand-pressing your polymer clay, and say hello to more creativity!


YOU provide:

  • any 1/2 ton (.5 ton capacity) arbor press - purchase separately here or here.

    Here is a particularly good quality press: CLICK HERE

  • optional but recommended: drill with 3/8" drill bit (.375) to bolt NEVERknead to your work table to make it more stabile


NOTE: If you already have an arbor press and you are not sure if it is a 1/2 ton, measure the diameter of the bottom of the Ram. It should be 3/4 inch wide. If it's larger than that (i.e. 1 inch) then you have a one ton and that will be too large (the stomper won't fit).

How to purchase

Because I'm now focusing solely on providing you the best polymer clay conditioning Parts Kits, you'll need to purchase an arbor press separately. The NEVERknead Parts Kit works with any 1/2 ton arbor press, just make sure it's a half ton or .5 version. The 1-ton versions are too large and won't fit the Kit.

Here are links to buy your arbor press below, or you can purchase one at a local Harbor Freight store. They are usually between $40 and $80.

1. order your arbor press here , here, or here -- or see the 9th image on this page

2. order your Parts Kit by clicking ADD TO CART above

Once you receive both the arbor press and Parts Kit you are ready to assemble your NEVERknead Parts Kit.

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