FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about NEVERknead Parts Kit

* only slightly veiled homage to one of my fave shows ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT

This incredible Parts Kit makes a machine that will make your life easier as a polymer clay artist.

Lift your polymer art to new heights quickly and easily and NEVER knead again!
IMPORTANT: If you are overseas in the EU or UK please purchase your NEVERknead at my ETSY STORE. Etsy takes care of the VAT requirements so you will have a more seamless transaction and avoid customs delays or VAT fee surprises.



Why do I have to assemble from a Parts Kit?

The Parts Kit features the same high quality parts you have come to expect from NEVERknead, the go-to choice of professionals and crafters alike to condition polymer clay for the past 7 years. I carefully curated just the right parts that will exceed your expectations and allow you to condition your clay easier and faster than before.

The only thing that has changed is that you will need to purchase an arbor press separately and then do the easy assembly. I guide you step-by-step in the assembly process, it's easy and I'm a call/text/email away ready to help.


Why is the original version no longer available?

I have phased out the full NEVERknead (the ones that include the arbor press) because I lost my helper and I am not able to move around and process huge pallets of 20lb arbor presses on my own. Rather than ceasing to offer the NEVERknead -- which has helped countless polymer clay enthusiasts worldwide -- I will be exclusively offering only the Parts Kits. The Parts Kit is cheaper, in most cases, than the $139 - $159 cost of the full unit.


Why is the Parts Kit cheaper?

Because it doesn't include the arbor press. A lot of people have requested a Parts Kit because they already have an arbor press (sometimes just sitting in the garage unused), or would prefer to get one on their own. Additionally, it can be a cheaper option than the $139 to $159 full cost for the previous version of NEVERknead, considering arbor presses can be found for around $40 - $60. Also, used arbor presses are available online (try eBay) making the Parts Kit even more affordable than before.


Where do I get an arbor press?

They are readily available online here or here or here. Just make sure it’s a HALF-TON or .5 press. Important note: 1-ton presses are too large and won't work.



Sources for HALF TON ARBOR PRESSES for the NEVERknead Parts Kit by


HERE is a particularly good quality arbor press:

Half ton Arbor Press measurements to fit the NEVERknead Parts Kit for polymer clay kneading by

Is it hard to operate, what training do I need?

It's really simple and you'll be up to speed within a few minutes. No training needed. Watch the NEVERknead in action on the  Video Page.


Will it get rid of the "crumblies"?

Yes! See my "Crumblies" video here. The NEVERknead is faster than hand-kneading and easier on your hands/neck/shoulders.


Can it blend colors?

YES! See video of color blending in the Video Page. White and black mixed to smooth solid gray in 7 minutes flat.


Is clean up between colors fast and easy?

YES! Simply use a mild cleaner, such as Orange Glo, or a baby wipe, on the top and bottom plates and gently wipe thoroughly (no scrubbing, you don't want to scratch the bottom surface of the Stomper or Base Plate!). That's it.


Why is the arbor press so greasy? 

Most arbor presses are greasy because they are industrial machines, and also the grease is protective, especially the grease on the notches in the Ram (don't clean that). This is all perfectly normal.


Can I decorate it?

Glad you asked! You are creative, so why not make your NEVERknead one-of-a-kind and truly special? Yes, see my Decoration inspiration page here.


Can I paint it pretty colors?

You certainly can paint the arbor press (the body of it). Simply remove all the black bolts, lever arm (if it was inserted), and Ram, and use a Rustoleum 2x spray paint in the color of your choice (you can do this in a cardboard box to minimize the spray mess) to paint the body of the press. Using a white or gray Primer first is also a good idea. Also paint the little plate on the front that you removed. Give it a few coats -- you can also finish with a clear gloss coating or two. Then put it all back together and then you can assemble it with the NEVERknead Parts Kit.

Yes! See painting instructions here

Just make sure you get a HALF TON (or it might say .5) arbor press. Honestly, a cheaper one usually works just fine.

Do I need to bolt it down?

Once you assemble the Parts Kit with your arbor press, the cutie weighs around 20 lbs. While you don't have to, if you want to play it safe and I'm sure you do, there are 2 holes on the back of the base for bolting it down to your work surface, and I highly recommend it. 2 heavy duty bolts are included with the Parts Kit for this purpose and full instructions are included.


Who are you?

I am Debra Ann and I invented the NEVERknead 8 years ago and have shipped them to delighted polyclay enthusiasts worldwide. In mid-2021 I developed the new Parts Kit. I have been a professional polymer clay artist for many years. I create custom art mobiles, some of which are made from polymer clay, I call them Atomic Mobiles, a company I founded and still run. I know polymer clay.


I'm a true DIY person. I do all the web design and html coding, graphic design, photography  answer emails, answer the phone, pack orders, ship orders... you name it I do it!


What is your Return Policy?

If you have any problems please contact me and I’ll work hard make it right. Because you will be permanently installing the parts on your arbor press, it would be impossible for you to return it. I want to hear about any issues you might have. But I want you to be happy and will work to make that happen.


What is the Warranty?

If any of the Parts break contact me right away with a picture and I’ll replace the part within 5 years of purchase.


Where is the NEVERknead made?

Your NEVERknead Parts Kit is designed, assembled, and ships from artsy Highland Park (NE Los Angeles), California USA.


What payment methods do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, JCB, and Diner's Club, pretty much everything.


How much is shipping?

SHIPPING IS FREE WITHIN THE USA, YAY! Shipping to Canada is $22 and Elsewhere is $32. 


When will my Parts Kit ship?

NEVERknead Parts Kit ships either same day or next day, in other words fast.


I was listed in Cynthia Tinapple's Studio Mojo blog, Cindy Lietz PCT video series, and Lisa Pavelka's review in Polymer Cafe magazine - as well as many other blogs, articles, magazines, and videos around the internet - and I am delightfully busy with orders!


When will I receive it?

USA: roughly 2 or 3 days via USPS Priority Mail. Elsewhere: 6 to 10 business days via USPS Priority International Mail.


What about Duties, Customs, and Additional Fees?

IMPORTANT: If you are in the EU or UK please purchase your NEVERknead Parts Kit at my ETSY STORE. Etsy takes care of the VAT requirements so you will have a more seamless transaction and avoid customs delays or VAT fee surprises.


I ordered but didn't get any email confirmation, why?

An email is automatically sent to confirm your order. Did you type your email address correctly?? Also, be sure to add to your contacts list and check your spam box to make sure NEVERknead emails are not landing there.


Do you have a distributor in my country?
If you are in Australia please order from 2Wards Polymer Clay


Debra Ann - inventor founder and owner of

 Debra Ann

inventor / founder / owner of

The NEVERknead works and I use it daily in my own clay studio.

The NEVERknead® is a Registered Trademark and patent pending.



Make Art. Not Pain.
Stop kneading. Start CREATING!

Which color will you choose?
NEVERknead Parts Kit is available in 9 pretty colors - polymer clay conditioning and kneading made easy by