FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about The NEVERknead Polymer Clay Kneading Machine Tool

(updated 7/20/2021)

* only slightly veiled homage to one of my fave shows ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT
This incredible machine will make your life easier as a polymer clay artist.
Lift your polymer art to new heights quickly and easily and NEVERknead again!
IMPORTANT: If you are overseas in the EU or UK please purchase your NEVERknead at my ETSY STORE. Etsy takes care of the VAT requirements so you will have a more seamless transaction and avoid customs delays or VAT fee surprises.


Is it hard to operate, what training do I need?
It's really simple and you'll be up to speed within a few minutes. No training needed.

Do I need to clamp it down?
This cutie is a heavy-weight at nearly 20 pounds. While you don't have to, if you want to play it safe, there are 2 holes on the base for bolting it down, and I recommend it. Alternately, you could clamp it with c-clamps.

Bolting The NEVERknead to your table top is highly recommended!


How long will it take to arrive?
"Industrial Gray" ships within a day or two, and custom colors take a little longer (but you'll have the color you want!), about a week.

I was listed in Cynthia Tinapple's Studio Mojo blog - as well as many other blogs and videos around the internet - and we are delightfully bombarded with orders! I have a trusty hard-working assistant to help with all this, Aaron, so please be patient and know you will be NEVERkneading soon.

I ordered but didn't get any email confirmation, why?
An email is automatically sent to confirm your order. Did you type your email address correctly?? Also, be sure to add to your contacts list and check your spam box to make sure NEVERknead emails are not landing there.

Will I get Tracking?
Yes! You will be emailed USPS Tracking once your NEVERknead ships so you can keep an eye out for the box.

What is it made of?
Cast iron base, steel lever arm mechanism, and thick acrylic Base Plate and Stomper. It is VERY sturdy and substantial.

My NEVERknead looks a little different - why?
Because of different base suppliers, your version of the NK may vary slightly from what is pictured on the website (chrome "O" ring, red knob, and chrome lever ends), but the functionality remains the same. Actually, we find the red knob easier to turn than the "tab" knob, and the chrome rather pretty.

Where is the NEVERknead made?

The NEVERknead is assembled in USA

Your NEVERknead is designed, assembled, and ships from artsy Highland Park, California USA.

What is your Return Policy?
The NEVERknead has a RISK FREE 100% satisfaction guaranteeTry it for 90 days risk free. If you are not satisfied with the NEVERknead for any reason, return it within 90 days (at your expense), and your full purchase price will be refunded (less any shipping). You must contact me first before returning it.

What is the Warranty?
The NEVERknead is made from very sturdy cast iron, steel, and acrylic stomper and base. The cast iron and steel parts are not likely to break, but if anything does break I'll send new parts for free Or I'll repair or replace the entire unit at my discretion. Simply contact me and let me know what the problem is, and I'll work to fix it.

This is a 5 YEAR WARRANTY from the purchase date. PLEASE NOTE: this warranty is NOT transferrable and does not cover units obtained second hand.

Who are you?
I am Debra Ann and I invented the NEVERknead. I have been a professional polymer clay artist for many years. I create custom art mobiles, some of which are made from polymer clay, I call them Atomic Mobiles, a company I founded and still run. I know polymer clay.

I'm a true DIY person. I do all the design and html coding and design for my websites, answer emails, answer the phone, and along with my assistant, Aaron, create, process, and pack all NEVERkneads!

Will it get rid of the "crumblies"?
Yes! See my "Crumblies" video here. The NEVERknead is faster than hand-kneading and easier on your hands/neck/shoulders.

Can it blend colors?
YES! See video of color blending in the Video Page. White and black mixed to smooth solid gray in 7 minutes flat.

Is cleanup between colors fast and easy?
YES! Simply use a mild cleaner, such as Orange Glo*, or a baby wipe, on the top and bottom plates and gently wipe thoroughly (no scrubbing!). That's it.

Why is the Gray one cheaper?
The gray NEVERknead costs me less to produce, therefore I pass that savings on to you. The other colors are custom painted and take a little more time, therefore cost a little more.

Can I decorate it?
Glad you asked! You are creative, so why not make your NEVERknead one-of-a-kind and truly special? Yes, see my Decorate inspiration page here.

Do I have to create an account at to order? 
No, you can checkout as a Guest.

What payment methods do you accept?
Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Apple Pay, PayPal, JCB, and Diner's Club.

Do you accept personal checks? No, sorry.

Do you accept Money Orders?
Yes (including USPS MOs), you can place your order online and choose "Money Order" on the Checkout page, finalize the order, then send your MO in the mail. We'll ship as soon as we receive the MO. MAKE MONEY ORDER PAYABLE TO "DEBBIE ANN"

How much is shipping?
SHIPPING IS FREE WITHIN THE USA! Shipping to Canada is $50 and Elsewhere is $80. Please note the NEVERknead weighs nearly 20 pounds.

How long does shipping take?Industrial Gray ships out within a day or 2, and the Colors take about a week or two because they are custom painted and we must wait for the paint to dry/cure properly to prevent chipping.

USA: roughly 2 or 3 days. Elsewhere: 6 to 10 business days. All are shipped via USPS (United States Postal Service) Priority Mail with tracking.

The NEVERknead ships via USPS Priority Mail

Do you ship outside of the USA?
Yes, we regularly ship worldwide to countries such as United Kingdom, France, Canada, and much more.

What about Duties, Customs, and Additional Fees?

IMPORTANT: If you are overseas in the EU or UK please purchase your NEVERknead at my ETSY STORE. Etsy takes care of the VAT requirements so you will have a more seamless transaction and avoid customs delays or VAT fee surprises.

Do you have a distributor in my country?
If you are in Australia please order from 2Wards Polymer Clay

I'm a store, do you do wholesale?
I'm doing very select wholesale, so please contact me if you are a store interested in distributing the NEVERknead. 


Debra Ann - inventor founder and owner of

 Debra Ann - inventor / founder / owner of

The NEVERknead works and I use it daily in my own clay studio.

The NEVERknead® is a Registered Trademark and patent pending.



NEVERknead Polymer Clay Kneading Tool is INDUSTRIAL -


Make Art. Not Pain.
Stop kneading. Start CREATING!

Which color will you choose?
The NEVERknead Polymer Clay Kneading Machine is available in many beautiful colors!