How To Paint Your Arbor Press

Yes, you can paint your half ton arbor press for a customized look! You don't have to live with the drab gray color. Paint it a color you love! Here is a step-by-step guide to do just that, with important tips and recommendations.

Graphic showing how to paint a half ton arbor press in preparation for using it as a NEVERknead Polymer Clay pressing machine by 
A few notes. We have painted thousands of arbor presses, and have a unique perspective and extremely helpful tips and instruction.

Two big things:

  1. Be sure to thoroughly CLEAN the body and front plate with a degreaser such as alcohol, vinegar, or a degreaser. Skipping this step makes it likely your paint will not stick properly, so don't skip this step.
  2. Do not get paint in the Lever Arm well, do not paint the black bolts or the Ram, and do not paint the Base Plate area. You can use masking tape over the Base Plate area (in red in the graphic above) and stuff some paper towels into the Lever Arm well.

Once you've stripped the press down to the bare body and the front plate you are ready to do the thorough cleaning, then proceed to paint.

A common cardboard box and be placed on its side as a "paint booth" to avoid mess from the spray paint. You can alternatively use a brush-on paint. If you choose spray paint, paint thin layers and follow the directions on the can.

Curing everything for the recommended period of time is important to make sure you have a strong finish.

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